Search Engine Optimization Services – What To Expect?


Your SEO expert should offer you much more than just a writing service to add unique and relevant content to your website on a regular basis. Here are some search engine optimization services that you should expect to receive before the writing process even begins:

1. Market Segment

For your articles to be relevant to potential customers, it is important to identify your specific market segment. A market segment relates to the age, gender, race, culture, location and other factors that will determine the people who are most likely to use or purchase your services or products. Your SEO provider should be able to perform this function.

2. Keywords And Phrases

It is essential that specific keywords and phrases appear in the content, meta-data, URL’s and tags on your website and social media pages. These keywords need to relate to your products and services as well as to the criteria a browser may use to search for functions relating to your business.

3. Content Addition

As part of your search engine optimization services, you should receive assistance in determining the type of content that should be added to your website and how often this should be done. Some types of content include articles, blogs, newsletters, press releases as well as social media posts. Blogs, posts and articles should be added on a daily or weekly basis while newsletters and press releases can be added monthly or as necessary.

4. Content Analysis

Your existing content needs to be analysed to ensure that it meets with search engine criteria and contains the necessary keywords and phrases. This process can also be used to eliminate existing spelling or grammar errors as well as to improve the overall quality of the writing.

5. A Content Calendar

To ensure that you are receiving all these services, your SEO expert should provide you with a contact calendar. The calendar should contain the details of how the SEO marketing plan will be implemented. For example, what type of content will be added, when you can expect the post to be submitted, the keywords that will be contained in the article, if an image will be added, etc.

Once you have received your content calendar, the actual SEO work can begin. You can also ask your SEO provider when you can expect to see an improvement in your SEO ranking.