3 Types of Tools Every Successful SEO Uses

There are a lot of SEOs out there that try to save money and not have a basic toolbox to work with. But just like a dentist needs adequate tools, so do SEOs. Assuming you’re taking it seriously…

So today I want to go over 4 essential tools that anyone that is interested in diving into SEO and use it to grow their businesses should use.

Keyword Analysis Tool


One of the most important parts of SEO is knowing what keywords you’re going to target. If you don’t know this how are you ever going to optimize your website for relevant keywords? You’re not… So you need a keyword research and analysis tool. Luckily for you, Google AdWords is free and their keyword planner is all you need.

SERP Tracking


How can you measure the success of your campaigns without putting a tracking system in place that gives you real time rankings for all of your keywords? You can’t… That’s why you need an accurate and reliable tool that allows you to know where your website ranks. Google Webmaster Tools provide you with that information, but it’s not a very reliable. Some great alternatives include SERPLab, SERPWoo or SERPFox.

Analytics Tracking


If you’re ranking on Google, but aren’t getting any traffic, leads and sales then your SEO isn’t working. It’s not just about where you rank, it’s about what you can accomplish with those search engine positions. Google Analytics, which is also free, is your best option here, it allows you to track traffic, leads, conversions and much more.

So these are 3 types of tools that you absolutely need if you want to track your performance successfully. There are other important tools that you should be using, but we’ll leave that for another post.

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